Jaroslav Židek / executive chef

Having spent many years in kitchens in the Czech republic and in Slovakia I decided that I wanted to cook in my own kitchen and take care of guests myself and have a restauraunt which guests would come to love and happily return to. (read more)

Jozef Preisinger / sous chef

This is not the first time I have had the pleasure of working with Jaro, the first time was at the Erdody Palace restaurants (Camouflage, Flowers and Lancia). (read more)

Lukáš Lančarič / restaurant & event manager

I gained a lot of experience abroad – I wanted to learn foreign languages and find out how things work in more mature culinary countries. (read more)

Peter Baráth / restaurant & event manager

My first attempt at restaurantering was when I was small – I used to grandiosely cook things up and each meal was something unique. (read more)

Szilárd Deák / sommelier

Being a wine steward is not as easy as it seems. (read more)