When things taste good in ALBRECHT...

Dear guests, I take great pleasure in presenting to you the art of our cooks – my friends – who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past and whose food has served as inspiration to me. One doesn‘t have to seek out art only in galleries and concert halls, it is possible to glimpse art on culinary delights.

One thing that goes hand in hand with good food is good wine. Throughout my trails around Slovakia I have discovered many a small wine maker who has proven just how honest and difficult producing quality wine actually is. It was with them that I got to discover the connection with nature which has almost disappeared nowadays.

Throughout his year, myself and my team are preparing a number of interesting evenings which will bring you new food and wine experiences. We look forward to seeing you and firmly believe that you will succumb to the flavours of ALBRECHT.


April 10h 2013, 7:00pm

One of our wine suppliers – Mr. Boris Košút working in EBAC Company is not only the wine salesman, but also a big fan of the wines and he has been trying to expand the wine offer in Slovakia. and bring really unique wines to Slovak consumers. Thanks to his great job we can welcome in our restaurant ALBRECHT Mr. Denis Roland Billecart – one of the owners and direct descendant of the family Billecart who is well-known wine producer in Champagne region.

You can taste wines of small wine makers with strong family tradition in ALBRECHT. Their wine smells and tastes by love and respect to the nature. And also the champagne BILLECART-SALMON is made with this way. It has produced the wines since 1818. The most important for the family is to give priority to quality and strive to excellence. All the employees of the winery have to be expert in their job, very accurate and reliable and all the new sons of Billecart family are born with these characters.

I am so glad that one of the descendant Billecart family and current director of BILLECART-SALMON champagne house will come to our restaurant and introduce you the unique and excellent champagne. I have to thank to my wine supplier, to Mr. Boris Košút.

Let us invite you to the great dinner with amazing champagnes and ALBRECHT tasting menu.

Jaroslav Zidek, Denis Roland-Billecart and Boris Kosut


Mirek Kalina

March 14th 2013, 7:00pm

Mirek Kalina has been a friend since I worked as a chef in Prague. He currently owns and cooks at the Kalina cuisine & wins restaurant. In the past he has worked and acted as chef in prominent Czech restaurants such as Bazar, Aqua, Kampapark, Šípek Bistrot and ADA as well as at the Prague Hoffmeister Hotel restaurant. He has also gained experience from international stays. Those that are etched in his mind were in Michelin-starred restaurants in the ORO in Norway Krone in Germany and especially in the legendary restaurant with three Michelin Star Les Prés d'Eugenie, who belonged to the acclaimed chef and founder of nouvelle cuisine Michel Guerard

At his restaurant guests are surprised by the fantastic combinations of the available resources with which he performs his magic in the kitchen and offers guests a simple quick lunch or an exceptional evening meal. He is from the ‘Prague new-school’.

I am very glad that Marek is coming to cook at ALBRECHT. Not only will we have the opportunity to cook together after what has been a long while, but he will also present the dishes that have become very sought after in Prague to you. I believe that you will find them just as tasty….

Tasting Menu Mirka Kalinu


February 21th 2013, 7:00 pm

The owner's aim was to produce wine of exceptional quality using the exceptional and unique soil and microclimate conditions Strekov provides.

The specificity of their wines is in the fact that they are not extracts forcibly pushed into glasses, but the simple allure of beverages created in harmony in the natural beauty of a life loving collective. The highest quality is not the most intense and most concentrated form of the most typical features of the given variety. Wine in their case carries information about the environment in which it grew in. They want to become acquainted with customers through their wines, but certainly not to be loved by everyone at all cost. Traditional methods of production are used with Strekov wines - produced without the use of "foreign" selected yeasts, enzymes and other technological preparations which – whilst making winemaker life easier - also bring foreign wine tones and tastes and distort the true character of the respective wine. The company manages its own vineyards in Welschriesling, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Devin, Blue Portugieser, St. Laurent, Lemberger blue, Alibernet and the Danube.

Tasting Menu Strekov